Current Exhibition

Buscando Paraíso



A story. A journey. A search. An expedition. A discovery. A tale. Human desire to find something better, to find something that will enrich our lives, something to experience and share. Or perhaps to conquest and exploit. A reconstruction. A reimagining. A reinterpretation. An invitation to submerge yourself in a journey that seeks to reveal the truth behind the story, behind the desire, behind the facade. What do we most wish to find in paradise?

Katri Walker (b. Edinburgh, 1978) studied sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art and in 2005 she received her master's degree at the same institution. Among her most recent exhibitions are “A room of one’s own. Fragilidades sobre el exterior” at the Laboratorio Arte Alameda, “Trip the light” at the Museum of the City of Querétaro and “An equilibrium not of this world” at the Edinburgh Art Festival. She lives and works between Mexico and Scotland.