Francisco Ugarte

b. Guadalajara, Mexico. 1973. Lives and works in Guadalajara.

Francisco Ugarte's work relies on the fields of architecture, especially in the creative process; The proposal is generated from the analysis of the environment and is a response to it. Using different media such as specific interventions, video, installation, sculpture, and drawing, his work can be understood as a phenomenological exercise, in which reality is understood through the perception of phenomena and the essence of things. Ugarte's proposals speak for themselves. The perception, abstraction, intuition, light, time, changes, the place, the material and the universal are recurring themes in his work.

His most recent exhibitions include: Saber Acomodar, Arizona State University, USA, Solid Void PEANA, Mexico, Here and Elsewhere, Edificio Vizcaya, Mexico and How things are en MARFA contemporary, USA.

Steel and paint
78.74 x 299.21 x 149.60 in