Marilá Dardot

The works of Marilá Dardot have political implications in the sense that they deal with the relationship between individuals and society. Neither propaganda nor illustration of the political world, they are subtle and delicate criticism of a world ruled by pragmatism and productivity.
Her interventions also have a great poetic dimension, literature being one of its sources of constant inspiration. Some of her projects propose participating, sharing and exchanging actions in collaboration with other artists, friends or the public itself, generating structural changes in certain collective space and cultural references.
The artist’s work makes use of diverse materials and media ranging from videos, photographs, prints, sculptures, paintings and actions to large-scale and site-specific installations.
In a world where everything seems frozen and cards distributed in advance, the artist with his poetic gestures gives an opening to the affection, kindness and hope.
Marilá Dardot lives and works in São Paulo.

21 lead balloons
23 x 30 cm (9.06 x 11.81 in) each