Israel Martínez

b. Guadalajara, México, 1979. Lives and works in Mexico City.

Israel Martínez' work is characterized by its wide range of proposals and the use of diverse supports or platforms aiming to generate afterthoughts about society through sound and music. Since the mid 90's he began writing in underground fanzines and cultural press in Mexico. Thereafter he's been active in different fields regarding music production in electroacoustics, sonic experimentation, field recordings and spatiality. He has produced video-installations, site specific projects, in situ actions, interventions and graphic work with photography, typing and photocopies.
Among others, he participated in the Artists-in-residence Residency at Museum Quartier, Vienna and was granted the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm scholarship in Berlin.

His most recent exhibitions are “Fonema” at the Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum, “Two espressos in separate cups” at Casa del Lago in Mexico City, “El Derrumbe de la Estatua” at MUAC, “Punk its traces in contemporary art” at MACBA, Barcelona and “Imagen Pública” at Arredondo \ Arozarena gallery.

No illusion... 
Audiovisual installation